Craft-Roasted Goodness. And a Great Value.

We started with the idea that great coffee shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. After all, unlike money, coffee grows on trees.

Like you, we're regular people. We've got cars that break down, families to feed and mortgages to worry about. We love to drink great coffee, but we also like to have some cash for a nice steak and a six-pack of good beer. And maybe some chips.

So, - Great Coffee, Craft-Roasted by Good People, Delivered to Your Door at a Fair Price. Simple and Awesome.


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    Really? Just $10 per bag?

    Yes - Just $10 for each 12 oz hand-packed bag of outstanding Craft-Roasted Coffee Goodness. No Tricks. 

    We could charge more, and lots of other companies do, but we'd rather not. We're regular people - we don't want to pay too much for coffee and we don't want you to either. 

    That's why we call it $10 Coffee

  • It's a good deal. Is it good coffee?

    Yes - it's Really Great Coffee! Our whole business is built on Specialty Coffee - coffee that's been grown in the best places, processed in the best ways possible and (then) selected as being excellent.

    We buy, roast and drink our coffee ourselves, so we know it's good. Our whole job is making sure that people tell us "Mmmm - Good Coffee".

    So, Yes, it's good coffee. It's very good coffee.

    And Yes, it's a good deal. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Where does your coffee come from?

    We buy coffees from all over the coffee-growing world. We regularly have coffees from Central and South America (Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica) and Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania), as well as occasional coffees from Asia and Indonesia.

    We buy our coffee through US brokers with whom we've had long relationships. They're the ones who visit the farms, deal with the coffee growers directly, play the markets and handle the import and customs. They're professionals with the experience and expertise required to make sure we always get great coffee.

    You’ll always find detailed information about each of our coffees on their individual product pages.

  • Where is your coffee roasted?

    We carefully craft roast, hand-pack and ship all our coffees from our roastery in Bensenville, Illinois, USA, close to Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

    If you're going to be in Chicagoland and want to visit the roastery, drop us a note - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we'll be happy to show you around.

  • Do you roast other coffees?

    Yes, we do, but they're currently only available to our wholesale customers.

    In the future, we're looking forward to introducing additional coffees to our menu.

    Stay tuned.

  • How much coffee should I order?

    That depends on how much coffee you drink and how many people drink coffee with you.

    If you follow the "Golden Ratio" of two level tablespoons (one coffee scoop) per five ounces of water, you'll get approximately thirty (6 oz.) cups of coffee per 12 oz. bag. If you use a bigger cup (consider that some insulated travel cups hold twice that amount), you'll use more coffee.


    One Person Drinking Small cups of Coffee Alone :: 1 Bag Every 3 Weeks

    Two People Drinking Big Cups of Coffee Together :: 2 Bags Every 4 Weeks